Dynatech Product Range        
ROVEMA, Germany Form Fill Seal machines, cartoners, case packers, tray packers and complete packaging lines for products such as milk powder, coffee, breakfast cereals, snack foods, salt, spices, confectionery, rice, wheat flour, lentils, biscuits, chemicals, agrochemicals, etc. Website: www.rovema.de
SERAC, France Weigh Filling & Capping Sealing machines, also complete packaging lines for pasteurized milk, UHT milk, sterilized milk, flavoured milk, pro-biotic drink, (drinkable yogurt), mayonnaise, condensed milk, ketchup, fruit concentrates, beverages, juices, condiments, jam, edible oil, chemicals, agrochemicals, lube oil, detergents, paint, cosmetics, etc.
Website: www.serac.co.in, www.lubricants-filling-machines.com,
www.dairy-bottle-filling-machines.com, www.oil-filling-machines.com
Feige Filling GmbH, Germany Weigh Filling machines for liquids and pastes for filling in  barrels, drums, pails, IBCs  3 Kg - 600 Kg & drum palletizers for lube oils, butter oil, food products, motor oils, liquid chemicals, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, surfactants, etc. Website : www.feige.com
BENCO PACK, Italy – FFS machines to thermoform containers (out of food grade plastic sheet material), fill & seal them for pumpable liquids and pastes such as UHT milk, shrikhand, yogurt, desserts, butter, cheese, cheese spreads, sauces, jams, margarine, mayonnaise, flavoured milk, honey, fruit juice, etc. Website: www.sacmi.com
GMF GOUDA, Netherlands – Drum dryers / Drying solutions to produce cereal based baby foods (weaning foods), drink cereals, brewers yeast, fruits & vegetables, milk powder (for chocolates, gulab jamun & other Indian sweetmeats), also lines for making potato flakes / potato granules, maleic anhydride, phthalic anhydride, etc Website: www.gmfgouda.com
FASA, Lithuania - Automatic moulding & wrapping machines for butter in Alu foil or parchment paper. Packing machines for liquid, paste or solid dairy food products in plastic cups. Glazed lines for confectionery. Automatic wrapping machine for curd, sweet curd mass, processed cheese, etc in Alu foil. Homogenizer for cream butter production, ice-cream packing and hardening line, glazed curds line. website: www.fasa.lt         
ING. A. ROSSI, Italy – Fruit & Vegetable Processing machines (turnkey plants) for making pulp, juice, puree, concentrate, nectar, jam, marmalade, ketchup, sauces, syrups, pastes, blocks. Juice extractors, evaporators, sterilizers, aseptic fillers, for mango, tomato, papaya, banana, guava, pineapple, dates,  etc. Website: www.ing-a-rossi.com
DIMA, Italy – all production machines for mozzarella cheese, vats for milk treatment, milk coagulation. Curd slicing, cooking-stretching and moulding of any type of pasta filata cheese (mozzarella, fior di latte, pizza cheese, etc). Website: www.dima.it
KARL SCHNELL GMBH & CO. KG, Germany – food processing machines for cheese, vegetables & meat. Individual machines and complete production lines from intake of raw materials right up to portioning (grinders, mixers, blenders, emulsifier, UHT cookers, portioning machines, etc.).  Website: www.karlschnell.de
FTNON,  Netherlands -  Energy efficient food processing machines for fresh chilled, frozen & ambient stable products; individual machines & complete lines for processing fresh vegetables, fruits, salads, herbs, potatoes, mushrooms, petfood; steamers, blanchers, pasteurizers, coolers, dryers, etc. Website: www.ftnon.com
SAPAL SA, SWITZERLAND (BOSCH PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY COMPANY) – Machines for conditioning and packaging processed cheese portions, IWS cheese (Individually wrapped cheese slices), continuous cooker sterilizer, complete turnkey lines for processed cheese. Website: www.sapal.com
ALPMA, Germany – Complete lines for the processing of milk to produce paneer, white cheeses, mozzarella cheese, etc; CNC automatic machines for cutting of cheese blocks into exact portions, whey processing technology to produce particulated whey proteins. Website : www.alpma.de
Waldner , Germany – Advanced Technology fully automatic Rotary or Inline Filling & Closing machines for pre-made cups / containers for liquid, very pasty, powdery or lumpy products, End of Line Packing Systems (Wrap Around Packing machines, Combined Packer, Tray Packer, Tray Sealers, Case Erectors), etc. Website : www.waldner.de
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